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Intergalactic Rumble [Kongregate Helper’s OFFICIAL Review]

    [Play Intergalactic Rumble] Game Description: Inspired by my favorite game “Death vs Monstars”. I just added more levels, more weapons, more upgrades, more special attacks and achievements. Join Lirpa as he takes his revenge on enemies who ravaged … Continue reading

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The Trader of Stories [OFFICIAL Walkthrough]

[Play The Trader of Stories]Game Description: Help Myosotis find a new story in a mysterious little town. Become a Trader of Stories. | Play as Myosotis and uncover the secrets of the small village and of a mysterious man with … Continue reading

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Track the Ball [OFFICIAL Walkthrough]

Game Description: Track the Ball is a sliding puzzle game featuring 28 levels with multiple achievements to collect and a level editor where you can create mazes of of own and share them with other players from around the world. … Continue reading

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Gravity Duck [Kongregate Helper’s OFFICIAL Review]

[Play Gravity Duck] Game Description: Your God has sent you on a mission to find him some golden eggs. Your only tool is the ability to flip gravity. Use gravity wells to further alter the direction of gravity. Challenge yourself … Continue reading

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Notebook Wars [Kongregate Helper’s OFFICIAL Review]

[Play Notebook Wars] Game Description: Check out this new game purely drawn in a notebook!! You will have 8 fully upgradable weapons, 5 planes to buy and 3 slots for each plane to place weapons, 15 large levels, more than … Continue reading

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Wake Up the Box 2 [OFFICIAL Walkthrough]

[Play Wake Up the Box 2] Game Description: The boxes are back, and once again sleeping! Find ways to wake them up by placing objects on the playfield. | Challenge yourself to over 30 unique puzzles in this addictive puzzler, … Continue reading

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Spacecraft [OFFICIAL Walkthrough +Kongregate Helper’s OFFICIAL Review]

[Play Spacecraft] Game Description: In the far future, Earth is destroyed by decades of war for resources. The survivors build huge motherships and depart for a journey to the stars, yet the Human learn that they are not alone as … Continue reading

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Madness: Premeditation [Kongregate Helper’s OFFICIAL Review]

[Play Madness Premeditation] Game Description: Plan Hank’s moves carefully in space AND TIME! This is an action PUZZLE game – each level will take a few tries, especially the bosses! | In this unique puzzler your goal is to premeditate … Continue reading

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Reincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell [OFFICIAL Walkthrough]

Game Description: Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways. |In this adventurous point n’ click your goal is to bring back the Reincarny that escaped from Hell, kill … Continue reading

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