5 Responses to Avatars

  1. oliversr2 says:


    • snipahar says:

      If any of you are wondering about what me43v4 is talking about, there is that specific element in the game, which interprets as literally nothing to the game, therefore I did not include it, since it is inappropriate and would not wish to have those graphics displayed on my website. I wish to keep this site, should I say “E” rated. So pleased to not continue to ask questions regarding the matter; I do not wish for the site to be full of sexual remarks, nor questions. I hope you understand, thank you!

  2. me43v4 says:

    Where’s sex? :P

  3. Maxie012 says:

    I’m gonna use one of these avatars and change to a different one each and everyday.

    On my alt.
    Because my two avatars that I switch to every year are purely too awesome.

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