Rules: Welcome to our Gaming Challenge of the Week page! Gaming Challenge of the Week is a little, fun activity and anyone can join! Your goal in Gaming Challenge of the Week is to complete the challenge listed on this page and compete against other users. For example if the challenge was to score x amount of points, you would attempt to beat that score, listed on this page and then also attempt to beat other users scores, as they leave them in the comments below, verifying that they have completed the challenge.

Each challenge is going to be unique, entertaining and most of all fun! Each person that completes the challenge will not only have major bragging rights to all the users who can’t complete the challenge, but you’ll also be featured as a “Champion” in this post, where there will also be a scoreboard. So what do you say we get this started!

Give Up Robot

This Week’s Challenge: Your goal this week is to speed-run through level 1-10 in the hit game “Give Up, Robot“. This week I challenge you to to get through levels 1-10 in under 46.72 seconds and with a total score of 3,971,970. To verify your score and time you must provide a screenshot of the “Scoring Time”. If you do not provide a screenshot of your score, we will not accept it in this week’s challenge, so please take a screenshot! If you are suspected of cheating and/or hacking in some way and proven guilty, your score will be removed from this week’s contest, but of course you can always then submit a legit score later-on. This is what we are looking for when you take a screenshot and submit it to us:

Give Up, Robot

To submit a score to us, leave a comment below with a link to your screenshot.

We look forward to your participation, and look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t know how to take a screenshot? Read this short tutorial.


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