If you would like us to write a review or walkthrough for a game, just leave the following information below and, we’ll try to get your suggestion through as soon as possible and for it to be presented on the front page:

Game Name: Place the title of the game you wish to be used in the suggestion here.
Type: Place the type of article you would like to appear here, ex: walkthrough, review.
Game Link: Place the link to the game here.

Castle Wars 2

Here is an example for you to glance over, to get an idea of what we’re looking for:
Game Name: Castle Wars 2
Type: Full Walkthrough: Hard Mode
Game Link:

Feel free to leave suggestions for Kongregate Helper here, also on what you think would make it better. We love hearing your ideas and suggestions to further, better Kongregate Helper.


4 Responses to Suggestions

  1. dee4life says:

    A nice feature would be a glitch/cheats section. Not hacks but just glitches and cheats! :)

    • snipahar says:

      I know a ton of awesome glitches in games, such as how to obtain an impossible badge but I’d rather not post anything about them, since there is no fun in just making a game glitch and thus beating the entire game. I will consider the section for glitches. Thanks for your interest in the site and given suggestions!

  2. CocoaPuff310 [on Kongregate] says:

    You should update the Achievements list. There’s one badge for Don’t Shit Your Pants and it says there’s zero badges for it.

    • snipahar says:

      The list isn’t actually done yet, if you notice it says that for a lot of the games on the list, hopefully in my spare time I’ll get it more updated! :D

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